Please see the office for a more comprehensive list of all the parks rules and regulations during your stay. 


The park works very hard to maintain the cleanliness and safety of campsites. Please do not leave any junk equipment on your campsite at any time. Only one RV or Trailer is allowed per campsite. Please ensure the camping permit is visible and available for park staff. We recommend placing the camping permit in the vehicle window or RV window. All RV’s having sewage drains must keep the drains sealed for the duration of their stay on any campsite, unless in use. Clotheslines are not permitted on campsites. No misuse of campsites. No third party rental of campsites. 

Quiet Hours

All park areas must be quiet between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am. Quiet hours are designed to prevent disturbances that prohibit the peaceful enjoyment of one’s campsite. Playing of loud music, outdoor movies and outdoor television is prohibited during these hours. All children must be on their campsite with parental supervision during these hours.


All visitors must register with the Reception center prior to entering the park. Visitor passes are valid from 9am to 10 pm. All visitors must have visitor passes available for inspection. Visitors must vacate the park prior to 10 pm and may not enter before 9 am.

Recycling & Garbage

Please leave all recycling and garbage in the designated garbage and recycling bins located at the exit of the park. Additional garbage bins are located at Pebble Beach. Please leave campsites in a clean and safe condition.


No food, drinks or glass containers are allowed within the pool areas. No pets are permitted within the pool areas. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the pool (16 and above). Children under 6 must be accompanied to rest rooms. 


All fires must be within the provided fire pit. Please do not move the fire pit rings from the original location. All fires must be extinguished properly when completed and must be attended by an adult at all times. Only clean wood is allowed to be burned; no burning of plastics or any other materials. If Prince Edward County issues a burn ban, this will be indicated with signs at the entry gate to the park. 


Please be conscious of your water usage, the park is on a well system. Water conservation commences on June 13th through to September 13th. No sprinklers are allowed unless on a timer with an auto-shut off. Watering is only allowed between 11 pm and 6 am for a total of 30 minutes. No vehicle/trailer washing is allowed. 

Golf Carts

Please observe the speed limits within the park. Please do not allow children to drive golf carts. Any person operating a golf cart must have a valid driver’s license. Site number should be clearly displayed on the golf cart. If you are bringing your own golf cart please register with reception and provide proof of insurance. No reckless driving, racing or driving under the influence will be tolerated. No ATV's, UTV's or Moped's are allowed within the park. 


Non-violent pets are allowed. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times and accompanied, except within the dog park. Please follow all posted rules when using the dog park. Please do not leave pets alone and barking. All pet waste must be properly cleaned and removed. Please note that pets are not permitted within the trailer rentals, the office, store, restaurant, recreational hall, pool areas, and washrooms.

Alcohol & Cannabis

All alcohol and cannabis products are to be enjoyed on your site only. Operating any vehicle or golf cart under the influence will not be tolerated.

Smoking & Vaping

Smoking or vaping of any substance is prohibited in enclosed public places, including washrooms, sheltered areas with a roof and more than two walls, children’s playgrounds and 20 m from the perimeter of the playground, sporting areas, such as volleyball and basketball courts, pool areas, baseball diamonds, tennis court, and adjacent spectator areas, as well as 20 m from the perimeter of the sporting or spectator areas.

Check In

Please have one guest check in for campsites at 2pm. Check in time for trailer rentals is at 4pm. Please notify the office if you will be arriving late.

Check Out

Please familiarize yourself with the check out times. Check out for campsites before 12 noon. Trailer rental check out is 10am.  


We want to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests during their stay. We ask you to be considerate of your neighbours, our staff and avoid undue noise. Any damage to the property will be the responsibility of the registered guest. No firearms shall be kept or discharged within any part of the park. Willful causing of injury to a person or damage to the park will not be tolerated.