What is there to do at Quinte's Isle Campark? 

At Quinte's Isle Campark there is fun for all ages! Immerse yourself in fun and relaxation with our 3 pools, splash pad, and pebble beach. Take advantage of our marina and picturesque walking trails for an enhanced experience. Enjoy our baseball diamond, tennis court, multi-sports court, two playgrounds, horseshoe pits, and more! Participate in planned activities and live entertainment for added enjoyment. Treat yourself to delectable meals at our beachfront restaurant and bar. Discover nearby attractions like restaurants, estate wineries, and Sandbanks Provincial Park for more excitement. Unwind, and cherish the moments in our lively and scenic setting.

How/When can I make a reservation at Quinte's Isle Campark? 

Mark your calendars! Reservations that span seven nights or more start on November 1st of the preceding year, while bookings for stays of fewer than seven nights commence on March 1st of the current year. If you've enjoyed a seven-night stay with us, you have the opportunity to secure your next reservation before you leave. Feel free to visit our office to book your next family get-a-way!

Can I tent camp at Quinte's Isle Campark? 

 Yes! We have sites available for tenting with and without services! For tenting with service explore Camping Area 2 for an added convenience.  For tenting without service check out Camping Area 1, 3 & 5 for a more traditional camping experience. 

I don’t have a tent or RV, how can I visit Quinte's Isle Campark? 

No problem! We have beautiful 2-bedroom Glamping Cottages with AC, WiFi, Smart TV, Decks, & BBQ. Find out more! 

How do I get around Quinte's Isle Campark with ease?  

Navigate the park effortlessly with Quinte's Isle Camparks' exclusive onsite golf cart rentals. Due to the park's large size, golf carts are the most common mode of transportation within the park. Onsite golf cart rentals are available for your convenience. Be sure to book your golf cart in advance!

Can I bring my boat to Quinte's Isle Campark? 

This is the boating place! With a boat launch on Lake Ontario, all registered guests can enjoy free launching during their stay. Docking slips are available for those looking to leave their boat in the water for the duration of their stay. 

Can I buy a pass for the day to use the facilities? 

Day-use passes are not being accepted at this time. All amenities within the resort are only available for registered camping and seasonal guests. Planning to visit? Check with our office to inquire about options for visiting! 

Will the pools be open for my stay? 

The pools open and close based on weather conditions. The pools usually open the second week of June and close the second week of September. And yes! All three pools are heated!  

How far is the Sandbanks Provincial Park? 

The Sandbanks Provincial Park is located less than ten minutes from Quinte’s Isle Campark! For more information on how to reserve your day permit please visit the Sandbanks Provincial Park website

Is there a beach at Quinte's Isle Campark? 

Absolutely! Enjoy Pebble Beach, our exclusive lakeside spot on Lake Ontario. Covered in small pebbles, this charming beach is perfect for a refreshing mid-summer dip. For a carefree experience, consider wearing water shoes to navigate the shoreline comfortably and protect your feet from both pebbles on the shore and any sharp objects beneath the water's surface.

Are there shower facilities on site? 

Yes! There are three separate shower buildings. To conserve water all showers are coin-operated and take $1 coins for eight minutes of running water. You may stop and start the showers with a button. 

Can I bring my pets? 

Certainly! Friendly dogs and cats are welcome. Enjoy our safe and secure off-leash dog park for your pets to socialize and burn off energy. Exciting news – we've introduced a new dog wash right outside the dog park for added convenience. Please follow posted rules for safety and enjoyment.

Note: Pets must be accompanied and leashed, except within the dog park. Avoid leaving pets alone and barking. Clean up pet waste properly. Pets are not allowed in cottager rentals, the office, store, restaurant, recreational hall, pool areas, and washrooms. Your cooperation ensures a pleasant stay for all at Quinte’s Isle Campark.

What if I'll be arriving late?

No need to worry! We have arrangements in place to assist guests arriving after business hours. Please don't hesitate to contact our office for further assistance. To check our official office hours, you can simply click on the link provided here. Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities, and we are here to ensure your stay is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

Is there WiFi at Quinte's Isle Campark?

A free WiFi service is available to most sites and most common areas within Quinte’s Isle Campark. This is an open rural network and speeds will vary. Just connect to the network “Quinte’s Isle” at your transient campsite. 

Can I bring my own firewood? 

The movement of firewood in Ontario is highly regulated due to the presence of invasive forest pests like emerald ash borer, spongy moth, and Dutch elm disease. To safeguard the environment, avoid transporting firewood or any wood materials from regulated areas, including trees, nursery stock, branches, and logs. Firewood can be easily purchased from camp stores on-site and we also provide a delivery service for your convenience. Simply contact us before 4 pm to have firewood bags delivered directly to your site.

Can I have visitors during my stay?

Absolutely! Visitors are welcome for the day from 9 am to 10 pm. If you're planning to have overnight visitors, please check with our office to ensure your site can accommodate overnight guests. We ask that all guests stop and register with reception prior to entering the park. 

What are the quiet hours? 

All park areas must be quiet between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am. Quiet hours are designed to prevent disturbances that prohibit the peaceful enjoyment of one’s campsite. Playing of loud music, outdoor movies and outdoor television is prohibited during these hours. All children must be on their campsite with parental supervision during these hours.

Where can I get my propane cylinder filled?

Quinte's Isle Campark has an onsite propane filling station. Simply bring your propane cylinder to the filling station located behind the office. Please pay for your fill in the store and we'll gladly send someone to fill your cylinder. Check out the propane filling hours! 

Where can I find grocery items or RV parts? 

You can find the forgotten items at Quinte's Isle Campark, which has two camp stores on-site. They provide a range of basic grocery items, standard and emergency RV parts, pet care products, toiletries, memorabilia, and more!