Rules & Regulations

  1. Please keep campsite in a clean and safe condition.
  2. Clotheslines are NOT permitted.
  3. All RV?s having sewage drains shall have their drains sealed for the duration of their stay on any campsite, unless such drains are considered to the approved sewer system.
  4. No junk equipment or material of any kind shall be placed or be permitted to remain on any site at any time--no outdoor fridges.
  5. All pets are to be kept on a leash and accompanied at all times (not left alone) and their droppings are to be removed and disposed of by owner of the pet.  Pets are NOT allowed in the buildings or in the TRAILER RENTALS.
  6. Willful causing of injury to a person or damage to the park property will NOT be tolerated.
  7. No firearms shall be kept or discharged within any part of the campground.
  8. No open fires of any kind shall be permitted EXCEPT within a masonry fireplace, barbeque or firepit.
  9. Fires must be attended by an adult at all times and must be thoroughly extinguished by wetting or covering upon completion of their use.
  10. All rubbish must be placed in plastic GARBAGE bags and deposited in the green dumpsters located at the EXIT of the park.  All recyclables can be placed in labeled blue boxes beside dumpsters.
  11. Please help keep rest rooms tidy.
  12. Please observe speed limit.  Speed limit within the park is 9 km per hour at any time.
  13. Only persons with valid driver?s license shall be permitted to drive a golf cart.
  14. No person under the influence of alcohol shall be permitted to drive in the park (including golf carts).
  15. No racing or reckless driving of any sort will be tolerated.
  16. Your site number should be clearly displayed on your golf cart and proof of insurance provided to the office.
  17. Children under 12 must be accompanied by parent or guardian in the pool (not less than 16 years of age).  Children under 6 must be accompanied to rest rooms and rec hall. 
  18. No food, drinks or glass containers allowed in the POOL area.
  19. No vehicle washing.
  20. No lawn/sprinkler watering during long weekends (June/July/August/September).
  21. Lawn or Garden watering ONLY allowed between 11pm - 6am during June/July/August/September.
  22. Watering ONLY allowed with hose trigger nozzle and actively hand-held by an individual OR with an auto-shutoff timer for maximum of 30 minutes (no leaving sprinklers on).
  23. No dish washing in any rest room sinks.
  24. ALL VISITORS must register at the office before entering the park.
  25. Visitors are not permitted to enter or leave the park between 11 pm and 8 am.
  26. Visitors are requested to vacate the premises by 11pm.
  27. Only one camping unit allowed per site.
  28. We ask you to be considerate of your neighbours and avoid any undue noise.  Any damage caused to our property will be the responsibility of the registered guest or the seasonal.
  29. The staff does not have authority to accept personal cheques unless authorized by management.
  30. Check out time is 12:00 noon.
  31. Guests staying beyond check out time will be charged an additional day?s fee unless arrangements are made with the management.
  32. No alcohol permitted other than on your campsite.
  33. Gate access cards are for the sole use of the Registered Camper.
  34. No operating chainsaws or cutting trees.
  35. No subletting units whatsoever.
  36. No trailers older than 25 years sold on site.

Pay telephones are located at the store entrance and beside the pool.  Please feel free to use our facilities.  We welcome any suggestions or advice you may have.