Winterizing Form

Pebble Beach Seasonals DO NOT need to sign up for winterizing. This form is for Main Park Seasonals ONLY.

The Winterization includes a pressure flush of all water lines and the hot water tank and a re-flush of lines with environmentally safe antifreeze.

Quinte’s Isle Campark does NOT winterize any water filters or water softeners.
Quinte’s Isle Campark does NOT guarantee winterizing after October 31st or if temperatures drop below freezing prior to your winterize. (Additional charges may apply)

Winterization forms that are not paid will not be received. 

Winterizing Preparation


Outside Unit:

  • Please leave white potable hose connected to park water connection. It is required to winterize the unit. QIC will seal the end of the water hose.
  • Leave hydro connected to post. It will be unplugged once winterized.
  • Remove garden hose, drain it and put it away.
  • Remove splitter (Y) valves from park water post.


Inside unit:

  • Please confirm QIC has a working key, test it first. Leave the deadbolt unlocked, delay in winterizing may default the winterizing.
  • Keep clear access to water heater, kitchen sink, bathroom, toilet and tub shower.
  • Take home any items you don’t want to freeze ie canned goods, drinks etc.
  • Please note we do not winterize water softeners, filters or additions to the water system. These items need to be removed prior to winterizing.



  • Put moth balls under the cottage to deter rodents from entering.
  • Put cedar balls or bounce sheets inside the cottage to mask the smell of food to rodents.
  • Clean the cottage thoroughly and remove unnecessary food.
  • Prop fridge and freezer doors open and turn the breaker off to avoid molding in the spring.



*** For an additional fee QIC can de-winterize in the spring. ***

*** Please call or book online with 10 days notice. ***

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$10.00 Quantity
Washing Machine*
$10.00 Quantity
Water to the fridge (no charge)*
Outside tap or shower (no charge)*
$99.00 Quantity
$137.00 Quantity
$189.00 Quantity
Please ensure you have left a key with Reception. Delay in winterizing may occur if a working key is not present. Please review the preparation for winterizing list and what is included in the winterizing.
Quinte's Isle Campark does NOT winterize water filters or water softeners *
Quinte's Isle Campark does NOT guarantee winterizing if temperatures drop below freezing prior to your winterize OR after October 31st*
Please ensure you have selected the correct first available date that the unit can be winterized AND that you have left a key with reception*
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